Invitation to Bid for Construction of New Fire Training Tower (2023)

The North Bay Fire District is releasing an Invitation to Bid for CONSTRUCTION OF FIRE TRAINING TOWER.

Sealed bids will be opened and publicly read aloud at the North Bay fire station 1024 White Point Road Niceville Fl 5:00 PM CST on February 14, 2023. Bids must be SUBMITTED ON THE FORMS FURNISHED BY THE CITY and in accordance with specifications and the list of quantities desired.

Respondents are advised that from the date of release of this solicitation until award of the contract, no contact with fire personnel related to this solicitation is permitted. All communications are to be directed to the Fire Chief and sole contact listed below. Selected firms will be required to supply the district with copies of current Liability Insurance and Workmen’s Compensation coverage. It is the intent and purpose of the district that this Invitation to Bid promotes competitive bidding. It shall be the bidder’s responsibility to advise the district at the address noted in the Special Conditions, if any language, requirements, etc. or any combination thereof, inadvertently restricts or limits the requirements stated in this Invitation to Bid to a single source. Such notification must be submitted in writing and must be received by the Fire Chief no later than ten (10) days prior to the Bid opening date.

Please find the necessary documents related to this notice below.

Invitation to Bid Notice

Fire Training Equipment Structural Design Calculations

Architectural Plans

Fire Training Equipment Concrete Foundation Calculations

Foundation Plans

Resolution No. 04-01

(Revised January 9,2007.)

Changes are highlighted.



Original Adoption Date March 8, 2004

      WHEREAS, pursuant to Chapter 98-470 of the Florida Statutes, the North Bay Fire Control District is charged with providing fire protection services to a certain portion of Okaloosa County, Florida; and

      WHEREAS, Florida Statute 633.022 requires North Bay Fire Control District to enforce the Uniform Fire Safety Standards as promulgated by the State Fire Marshal’s Office as published in the various sections of the Florida Administrative Code, Section 69A; and

      WHEREAS, Florida Statute 633.025 requires the North Bay Fire Control District to enforce the Florida Fire Prevention Code as promulgated in Florida Administrative Code Chapter 69A-60; and

      WHEREAS, the North bay Fire Control District Board of Fire Commissioners is authorized by section 191.009(3), Florida Statutes, to collect user fees as may be authorized by resolution of the Board of Commissioners; and

      WHEREAS, the North Bay Fire Control District is authorized by section 633.081(1) to provide a schedule of fees to pay the costs of inspections conducted pursuant to this section as well as related administrative expenses; and

      WHEREAS, the North Bay Fire Control District Board of Commissioners finds that fees for Fire and Life Safety Plan Reviews, Fire and Life Safety Inspections, Issuance of Permits, and Provision of Consulting Services and Related Services would serve the public health, safety and welfare.

      NOW, THEREFORE; BE IT RESOLVED, by Board of Commissioners of and for the North Bay Fire Control District, Okaloosa County, Florida:


This resolution shall be known as the North Bay Fire Control District Inspection Fee Resolution.

Section 1.1  Definitions used in this resolution.

Maintenance.  Work performed to keep previously installed equipment

operable or to make repairs to previously installed equipment.

Modification.  Work performed to change the configuration or operation of previously installed equipment or fixtures.

Special Outdoor event.  All outdoor events, such as carnivals, fairs, performances, displays or exhibits as determined by the authority having jurisdiction.  Regulation by the authority having jurisdiction includes access for emergency vehicles; access to fire protection equipment; placement of stands, concession booths, and exhibits; and the control of hazardous conditions potentially dangerous to life and property.

Section 1.2 Schedule of Fees, Charges and Expenses:


Initial review/approval of Site/Utility Plans                          No Charge

Second review                                                        $25.00

Third review                                                            $50.00 (Any additional

reviews are charged at a

fee double the previously

charged review fee)

Building Plans (Commercial or apartment)                 $ .04 per square foot

(New construction or alteration)                                     (Minimum fee $10.00)

Subsequent revisions                                            One and one-half times

previously charged fee.

(Minimum $15.00)

 Final approval, after payment of initial and subsequent revision fees       (No Charge)


Fire Sprinkler Systems

Plans review             (minimum; up to 25 heads)            $30.00

Each additional installed sprinkler head               $ .50

Standpipe System (Each riser) Plans review             $25.00

Fire Pumps – plan review                                                   $100.00

Fire Alarm systems plans review                                     $30.00 plus $.50 per

Alarm and annunciation device

Other fire suppression systems plans review             $35.00

(Wet/dry chemical, CO2, etc.)

Flow test (hydrant or water main)                                      $50.00

Tent, grandstand or air-supported structure                    $15.00

plans initial review

Subsequent review                                                             One and one-half times

previously charged fee.

(Minimum $37.50)


Plans review fees will be subject to an assessment equal to double the plans

review fee cited above if work requiring a permit from either Okaloosa County

or the North Bay Fire Control District is started prior to obtaining the required permit.


Annual fire and life safety inspections are required for each and every commercial occupancy within the district, except if more frequent inspections are required by another code, rule or statute.  Occupancies with separate entrances, and fire separation between adjacent occupancies, will each require an individual inspection.  Minor violations/discrepancies found will need to be corrected within 30 calendar days and major violations identified in the inspection report will be required to be corrected within 14 calendar days.  Life threatening hazards must be corrected immediately and within 3 working days.  The annual inspection fees are collected upon delivery of the inspection report.  Re-inspection fees are due at the time of re-inspection. (Only those violations/discrepancies identified in the inspection report will be re-inspected.)

Inspections generated in response to a complaint received by the District will not generate a charge.  In the event a violation or discrepancy is discovered as a result of the complaint, re-inspection fees as identified below will apply.

Annual Inspection:                           No charge

  Re-inspection   (first)  revised 12-13-2005                   $15.00 (No Charge)

Re-inspection  (second)                           $50.00

Re-inspection (third)                     $100.00

Any inspections after the third will be charged at a rate double the previously charged fee (fourth is $200.00; fifth is $400.00, etc)

Construction In-progress Inspection              $15.00

Temporary Power Inspection                          $10.00

Additional Inspection requested by occupant  $20.00

2-Hour Fire-line Hydrostatic pressure test       $45.00

(witness contractor test – includes sprinkler,

standpipe and underground fire line tests)

Fire sprinkler system acceptance hydrostatic   $45.00

pressure test.

Fire sprinkler system performance acceptance  $30.00

Test – wet system

Fire sprinkler system performance acceptance  $45.00

Test – dry system

Standpipe system acceptance hydrostatic          $45.00

pressure test.

Fire alarm system acceptance or reacceptance   $50.00

Test (witness contractor-conducted testing)

Elevator firefighter recall system acceptance test  $50.00

All inspections or tests that must be repeated because the system was not acceptable or the discrepancy/violation was not corrected are subject to a fee double the previous fee assessed, unless otherwise specified.  For example, if a fire sprinkler system hydrostatic pressure re-test is not successfully completed, the next re-test would be $180.00.  Any inspection scheduled but not performed because the system or item to be inspected is not ready and the inspection is not cancelled 24-hours in advance will be charged per this resolution.


The Florida Fire Prevention Code provides the authority for the North Bay Fire Control District to issue permits concerning fire control and/or hazards within the district.  The definitions of these activities identified in National Fire Protection Association Standard 1 (NFPA 1), Fire Prevention, Section 1-16.16, as modified by Florida Administrative Code Chapter 4A-60, are hereby adopted.  Commencement of an operation requiring a permit prior to issuance of the permit, or continuation of operations after a permit has been revoked, will result in an assessment equal to double the permit fee or the permit fee per day, whichever is greater.  Each day of continued operation without a permit constitutes a separate violation.  Actions performed in conjunction with a permitted automatic sprinkler system, automatic fire alarm system or standpipe system resulting in a reported fire alarm initiating a fire department response to investigate the alarm will result in revocation of an existing permit.  Re-issuance of a permit that was revoked in this manner will be at a fee ten-times the base fee listed below; subsequent alarms initiated will result in an escalating fee double the previous fee paid.  The following operations within the North Bay Fire Control District jurisdiction require a permit issued by the Fire District and payment of the identified permit fee:

(1)   Automatic Fire Suppression Systems.  Installation, modification or removal from service of any automatic fire suppression system.  Maintenance performed to an existing system and components according to the Florida Fire Prevention Code is not considered a modification and does not require a permit.               

       $15.00 plus related inspection and plans review fees.

(2)   Cutting and Welding. Cutting or welding operations other than in conjunction with fixed-site automobile repairs.

$10.00 permit fee for duration of permit (up to 10 days)

(3)   Exhibits and Trade Shows. Operation of all exhibits and trade shows held within the jurisdiction.

$20.00 per event

(4)   Explosives. Manufacture, sell, dispose, purchase, storage, use, possess, or transport (except U.S. Government) of explosives within the jurisdiction.  A separate permit, valid for no more than 90 days, shall be required to conduct blasting operations within the fire district.

$20.00 annually; blasting permit shall be $50 per 90-day period.

(5)   Fire Alarm and Detection Systems and Related Equipment. Installation of or modification to fire alarm and detection systems and related equipment.  Maintenance performed to existing system and components according to the Florida Fire Prevention Code is not considered a modification and does not require a permit.

       $15.00 plus related inspection and plans review fees.

(6)   Fire Pumps and Related Equipment. Installation of or modification to fire pumps and related fuel tanks, jockey pumps, controllers, and generators.  Maintenance performed to existing system and components according to the Florida Fire Prevention Code is not considered a modification and does not require a permit.

       $15.00 plus related inspection and plans review fees.

(7)   Fireworks. Possession, storage, manufacture, sale, or discharge of fireworks within the jurisdiction.

$25.00 annually

(8)   Flammable Finish Application. The spray application of flammable or combustible liquids.  Installation or modification of any spray room or booth.

$50.00 annually

(9)    Grandstands, Folding and Telescopic Seating, Tents, and Membrane Structures.  Construction, location, erection, or placement of grandstands and bleachers, folding and telescopic seating, tents, and membrane structures.  Only tents or membrane structures in excess of 300 square feet require a permit.

$15.00 per event or duration of permit (10 days)

(10) Industrial ovens and Furnaces. Operation of Industrial ovens and furnaces per NFPA 1 (edition adopted per FAC 69A-60), Chapter 19.

$25.00 per year

(11) LP-Gas. Storage-for-sale, rental, or exchange of refillable LP gas cylinders.

$45.00 per year per location

(12) Lumber Yards and Woodworking Plants. Storage of lumber exceeding 100,000 board feet.

$50.00 per year

(13) Magnesium. Storage, handling, or processing of magnesium in quantities deemed significant as determined by the Fire Chief or Assistant Chief of Support/Fire Marshal.

$50.00 per year

(14) Organic Coatings.  Operation and maintenance of a facility that manufactures organic coatings.

$50.00 per year

(15) Outdoor Storage of Scrap Tires. Establish, conduct, or maintain any outdoor storage of scrap tires that exceeds 2500 cubic feet (ft3) of total volume of scrap tires.

$1000.00 per year

(16) Private Fire Hydrants. Installation, modification, or removal from service of any private fire hydrants.

$25.00 per hydrant

(17) Tire Rebuilding Plants. Operation and maintenance of a tire rebuilding plant.

$500.00 per year

(18)    Standpipe Systems.  Installation, modification, or removal from service of any standpipe system.  Maintenance performed to existing system and components according to the Florida Fire Prevention Code is not considered a modification and does not require a permit.

       $15.00 plus related inspection and plans review fees.

(19)    Special Outdoor Events, Carnivals, and Fairs.  The location and operation of special outdoor events, carnivals, and fairs.

$15.00 per event

(20)    Tar Kettles.  Permits shall be obtained at least two working days prior to the placement of a tar kettle.

$20.00 per placement; 3 day Limit

(21)    Torch-applied Roofing Systems.

$30.00 per structure


(1)   Consultation fees will be assessed when developers, contractors, or other individuals involved with construction, renovation, or engineering of projects within the North Bay Fire Control District seek expert code advice from fire district personnel.  This fee, portal-to-portal, plus $.35 per mile and personnel per diem per state statute will be assessed to represent a party at a hearing, review or conference.

$150.00 per hour; ½ hour minimum

(2)   Fire Watch.  Per the Life Safety Code, when a required automatic fire sprinkler system (Section or automatic fire alarm system (Section is out of service for more than 4 hours in a 24-hour period, the authority having jurisdiction must be notified and the building shall be evacuated or a fire watch will be posted.  The duration of the fire watch will be until the affected system is fully restored.  The fire watch shall be a certified, radio-equipped North Bay Fire Control District firefighter employee.   Fees for fire watch personnel, other stand-by personnel deployed to off-set an unacceptable fire hazard, or crowd managers as required for large assemblies shall be paid to the North Bay Fire District within 30 days of ending the operation.   Personnel will be paid per North Bay Fire District payroll policies.

$45.00 per hour minimum; $65.00 per hour for owner-caused situations, with a 2-hour minimum, and on holidays defined in the policies of the fire district.


Plans review and permit fees will be collected prior to issuance of the Fire Department Letter of Approval or the permit.  Payment will only be accepted by Check or Money Order made out to the North Bay Fire Control District.  Receipts, if requested, will be provided upon delivery of the document sought.

Inspection fees will be collected at the time of the inspection.  Payment will only be accepted by Check or Money Order made out to the North Bay Fire Control District.  Receipts, if requested, will be provided upon delivery of the inspection report.

Miscellaneous fees will be invoiced and due within 30 days.  Payment will only be accepted by Check or money order made out to the North Bay Fire Control District.  Receipts, if requested, will be mailed within 7 days of receipt of payment.

A fee of $25.00 will be assessed for any checks or money orders received where the instrument is refused or returned from a financial institution for any reason.


The North Bay Fire Control District shall have a lien upon the real property, motor vehicle, marine vessel, aircraft, or rail car upon which construction or improvements are performed for which plan review, inspection, or miscellaneous services identified herein are provided for all amounts charged and unpaid under this resolution.

Further, it is a misdemeanor of the second degree to violate the requirements of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  The assistance of the Okaloosa County Sheriff will be sought in the event such a crime is committed.


The avenues of recourse from the elements of this resolution are to:

a.      Submit a written request to the Fire Chief.  The Fire Chief will respond within 10 working days with a written determination.

b.      If the appeal to the Fire Chief is not satisfactory to the appellant,  a written appeal to the Board of Fire Commissioners, North Bay Fire Control District, may be submitted with 10 days but at least 7 days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.  The appeal will include material facts to be considered and the proposed resolution.  The appeal will be heard by to the Board of Fire Commissioners at the next regularly scheduled meeting as above.  This avenue is not available for a determination or finding of a violation of a code element, only the requirements of this resolution and the conditions of permits issued there under.  In the event of the revocation of a permit, or the failure of an appellant to obtain a required permit, and the appeal is not successful, the fees assessed will be computed from the date of notice until the date of compliance, including the appeal period.

Resolution 04-01

This resolution reaffirms and continues the policy of the North Bay Fire Control District to establish user fees for fire and life safety plan reviews,  fire and life safety inspections, issuance of permits, provision of consulting services and related services, adopting a user fee schedule.

This is to certify the North Bay Fire Control District, Board of Fire Commissioners on January 9, 2007 at Niceville, Florida, revised this resolution in session.