August 2015 News Letter

North Bay Fire Control District

Monthly Feature:

A lot of changes for the North Bay Fire Control District.


As Fall takes over please remember these safety tips.

1. Watch the heat and being out in the sun. You can still become dehydrated on these cooler days.

a. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water, stay away from tea and caffeinated drinks they tend to dehydrate you.

b. Use sun screen and bug repellant when out side.

2. If you must work out side do it in the morning or late evening when cooler.

3.  Watch out for wildfire danger: No outside fires / call for burn rules.

4.  Do not leave anything : Kids / pets / electronics in the car.  Period!

We would all rather be safe than sorry!

Also remember that there is No Outdoor burning of yard waste and leaves.  These items must be left out for the Trash Man to pick up.


Station Updates

North Bay Fire Control District now has a new Fire
Chief –  Bryon A. Bennett was hired at the June Commissioners meeting.  Lets all welcome him.

We also welcome Three new Commissioners:  Roy Taylor / Joe Fagundes and Chandler Huff.

Home fire safety inspections can be accomplished by our fire safety personal during the day.  Please call for an appointment.

CPR is taught every odd month.  Please see the schedule on our web page.

Fire Marshal’s Minute:

The Department Fire Marshal/Fire Safety Inspector is here to assist you with any questions you may have concerning fire safety.  As a reminder, there is no parking allowed in the marked “Fire Lanes” at several of our businesses and local Churches in our district.  The reason for this is to allow the BIG fire trucks and the County Ambulance clear access to the front of the building to be able to assist our residents and visitors in case of an emergency.  Be fire safe.

Medical &  Training Chief’s Page

CPR schedule is posted on CPR and First aid page.

EMT and Paramedic refresher training / February and October time frame each year.    October 2015 dates – Oct. 5-10th.

Upcoming fire classes will be posted as the schedule unfolds.

Fire Chiefs Page – Updates coming soon


If you are planning to visit our beautiful area, remember that the new Mid-Bay brige connector road from State Road 85 to Destin is now open to make you travel to the Emerald Coast easier. Both are toll roads so be mindful of that.  On behalf of the Board of Fire Commissioners, my staff and the entire department, we wish you a great vacation.  Remember to have fun but please be safe.







The Board of Fire Commissioners holds the monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of the month.  The meeting starts at 7 p.m. here at the fire station.